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Below are the 20 most recent journal entries recorded in Dreamscape - the nighttime reality underground's LiveJournal:

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Monday, December 7th, 2009
5:01 pm
Last night, I dreamt that I was at my psychologists office (but it wasn't where it is in RL), and all of a sudden I got a message that Nicole Weikert - Andrea Weickert's sister - was in serious trouble, and was lost or something like that. The only person who knew how to help was Tom, so I rushed up to Tom and Sigz who were sitting on a park bench.

For some reason I couldn't tell Sigz what was going on because I had to keep it a secret, and at this point I was in hysterics because I needed to find Nicole. I asked Tom to come with me so I could tell him waht was going on, but that I couldn't tell Sigz so she had to stay behind. Then in that sort of non-challant way Tom has, he shrugged and was like "No." Meaning Sigz had to come too.

I ended up screaming at him, yelling that I hated him, that I needed to talk to him because someone's life was at stake. At this point I was practically sobbing because I was so upset.

I found her in the dream, without the help of Tom, and she was ok. Still. Very weird.
Friday, December 19th, 2008
4:31 pm
Worse than the rickrolling dream
Another strange dream!

The earliest part I remember is Brady asking me to go hang out and see some movie, and on the way to the theater he was like "Is it ok if we invite Tom?" and I'm like "Sure! the more the merrier!". So he starts to call him up on his phone when a car comes out for nowhere and slams into us. I'm thinking that Brady died because he doesn't show up again..

But either way there is a scene change and suddenly I'm a little boy with long-ish, blond hair and there's another boy running behind me who looks exactly the same, and we go into this house to play with some friend of ours, but the atmosphere in the house is really creepy.
I walk downstairs into the rec room and when I open the door, I see there is a huge black octopus-like monster is in the room and he grabs onto me with his freaky limbs and eats me.

Then there's another scene change and it turns out that whole previous scene was from a freakishly realistic Zelda video game that I'm playing at David's house, which looks like the house from the game for some reason. Apparently it had a multiplayer function, which is why there were 2 Links.
David offers to go get some snacks and leaves, but he never comes back, but is replaced by a bunch of his relatives who are randomly having a family reunion.

We end up watching a bunch of family videos on LaserDisc (what?), including this honeymoon video featuring 2 relatives that looked/acted/sounded just like the mom and dad from the tv show "Malcom in the Middle".

At one point, David's "cousin" Luke Ski shows up and steals the chair I had been sitting in. Someone does something with his hair and it turned out he had these bugs in his hair that were some sort of louse/mouse/flea chimera thing. I start freaking out about it, but nobody else seems to mind, and I then notice that everyone there is also starting to turn into monster-like things themselves...

Then I finally woke up. ;_;

Current Mood: hungry
Sunday, September 28th, 2008
2:20 pm
Morbid dreams are morbid.
I had a dream last night that I murdered a teenage Korean girl via slicing her arteries with a strangely large box cutter in front of my aunt's old house. But she said she wanted to die (in Japanese, with subtitles. WHAT.), which seemed to justify it in my dream, but I felt bad when I woke up. ;_;

After I woke up from that dream I fell back asleep because it was only 8 am and no sane person gets up that early on a Sunday and had another dream about trying to escape from my elementary school because it was being blown up and in order to do that we had to climb this volcano that erupted in the end and Dan Feldt randomly drover over the volcano's edge with his van and you could hear horrible screaming as the van sunk into the lava.

What is wrong with me? >__>
Thursday, July 17th, 2008
8:51 pm
Last night's dream came in two parts.

The first: I was dating Cheyanne. (Anyone remember her? Cute little girl who used to go to high school with us but moved to Texas?) (I haven't seen her in years, don't ask me why she popped up in here.)
I was dating Chey. And we kept trying to find places to make out, except we kept getting interrupted. So we'd giggle conspiratorially, and then run off to another dark corner and fool around some more. At one point, I kissed her stomach. She had a very soft, white stomach. I woke up feeling rather happy, because - at least in my dream - I had someone to love. It was nice.

The second part was: I was Seth from the OC. (Yeah, I don't know either.)
I was "dead", or at least everyone believed I was dead. This guy came and told me I could tell two people that I was actually alive, but that was it or they would all be cursed. So I was having this debate about whether or not to tell my parents I was alive, or to tell Summer (a.k.a Seth's girlfriend) and Marissa (Ryan's girlfriend.) (I just started re-watching the OC... can you tell?)
And I really wanted to tell Summer, but common sense told me to tell my parents.
In the end, I was on the verge of telling everyone and saying "fuck it!" and finding a way to fight the curse, but then I woke up.

I woke up feeling well rested though, and with a general sense of happiness, so though they were odd, they were still good dreams. ^_^
Saturday, March 22nd, 2008
10:34 am
So first of all, I was back at college and my roommates who I don't like very much had invited like 30 people over. And I was really pissed and getting ready to yell at them, and then apparently they were all just meeting at our place because they had to go to Iowa for something. So most of them piled into this bus, but there were three left over and those three stole my car! So then I had to call the cops and when we finally found it they had destroyed the car and were trying to set it on fire.

Then I realized I was late for my Statistics class, so the cops had to bring me to school, which was more like Irondale than UMD, and for some reason there were all these helicopters swarming around, and then they started bombing us. Then a guy from one of the helicopters came down and told us he would continue bombing the place until he got his car, which was this black thing with five white stripes. So we went back in time and got the car back - and really, it was just this shell of a car, it didn't even have an inside. Then I was a security officer riding on a bike through Target, and finally I wound up in some shopping mall buying socks from bald girls.

Saturday, December 1st, 2007
11:23 pm
Into the realm of the insane...

Last night, I had one of the craziest dreams I've ever had. It started out in a bookstore, where some guy was chasing me around. I wasn't sure what he wanted with me, but I knew it couldn't be anything good, and so I kept running from him. This happened for a while, and then I finally found the exit to the bookstore and I thought, oh, I can hide outside and he won't find me. Well, he did, he found me hiding behind this really weird structure that was like 12 sinks... and some lady was filling one up with water and putting her baby in it, to see if he could live, and for some reason if he lived, he was the incarnate of the devil... and the guy who had been chasing me told her no, your son is not the devil.

Then, this guy tried to get me to look him in the eyes, and I wouldn't. I knew that if I did, something bad would happen. So we wound up playing this Russian Roulette type thing, where I would move around and open my eyes and if he was there he would look into mine. Well, eventually I wound up looking him in the eye. And when I did, I closed my eyes and I could still see them looking at me... they were red. And so then, he told me that I was the devil. He poured hot red blood on my back, and I looked down and realized I was wearing a black robe and carrying a pitchfork, which was also covered with that hot red blood. Then I appeared in this mall-type area and was apparently supposed to kill someone. But then a bunch of the people from Harry Potter showed up and I remembered a Dumbledore quote - "It is our choices that show who we are, Harry, far more than our abilities" - and I shouted out something similar, "It is our choices that make us who we are, not our destiny" I realized I had the chance to stop this, and so I started trying to find someone who would kill me before I could kill the person I was supposed to kill, and bring havoc to the Earth.

But before any of that happened, I woke up. Strangely enough, it wasn't really a nightmare... it was more like a dream that just really left me thinking. It was so bizarre.
Thursday, October 25th, 2007
10:09 pm
One of my short, numerous dreams last night was a dream where I was watching two people having some sort of ninja-style battle. One of the two people was Jesus. The actual Jesus, not Josh-Jesus as I know some people call him.

He had some pretty cool moves, too.

Current Mood: odd
Tuesday, May 29th, 2007
3:11 pm
Last night I had really weird dreams, but two things in particular stood out...

The first, rather horrible, part was that I was a doctor or something, and two people were dying and both needed my help right away. For some reason I was the only person there, could only save one of them, and I had to pick one to live and one to die. I was freaking out and couldn't decide, and one of the two people - this little boy with cancer - told me to go ahead and save the other person, it was okay, he wasn't afraid to die.

The other part was that I had somehow painlessly given birth to beautiful twin girls. I'd even named them in the dream, though I can't remember their names now.
11:09 am
Tonight's dreams weren't fun. They left me feeling really weird when I woke up, and slightly teary.

Surprisingly, I didn't wake up shivering. Sweating, yes, but not shivering. Now I kind of just want to hide her under the covers.
Monday, May 28th, 2007
2:34 pm
harry potter and the related president
I had two weird dreams last night.
The first was Heather had somehow gotten kidnapped or scammed into running for president. No, seriously. It was almost like a cult thing, because anyone who opposed the campaign team she was forced to work for "mysteriously disappeared." So I snuck into the headquarters to say hi to Heather. It was all very strange. I don't know if she won or not, because I woke up before I could find out.

The second was about Harry Potter. Kara, Angie and I were all at the mall (yeah I know, a mall, ??) waiting for the HP movie premiere, and I was suddenly freaking out, because I had no outfit. Kara calmly picked up this cute green shirt and was like "this would look good" so I shoved my way into the bathroom, and almost kicked open a stall being used in order to try it on. Eventually, I was able to find a stall, but then I woke up before the movie started.

But in the trailer for said movie, Harry and Hermione definately made out. And there was some cute Ron/Hermione stuff too. Like I said, it was weird.
Friday, January 26th, 2007
8:28 am
What is up with my bizarre dreams?? Last night's involved the following:

*A whole bunch of people were at some event. Somebody was singing the Star Spangled Banner before it started, and instead of standing at attention, people started doing the wave. Then, George Bush came out and yelled at them for being disrespectful.

*I was driving down a dark street and my headlights didn't work.

*I tried out for American Idol and got in!

*There was some sort of obstacle course a group of people and I had to get through. The last room we had to get through was incredibly hot, and the door was really hard to open so we all had to run at it at once.

*Some lady was being choked by her own scarf so I had to rescue her.

*Something involving the people who play the Dursleys in the Harry Potter movies.

*The Amish were doing something

*I was driving this really weird car/boat thing, and wound up driving off the road and into a lake, the car/boat capsized and everybody was in the water...

Yes, that was all in one dream...
Wednesday, November 29th, 2006
8:18 am
Had this dream (though it was probably more like a nightmare) that I was in a small apartment-like room (it may have been a college dorm too) and a bunch of cute little puppies came running in from this other room.

But then suddenly one of them fell into this random hole in the floor and died. Upon seeing that, one of the other puppies threw itself into the hole, killing itself. Then one by one all of the other puppies started committing puppy-suicide as well. I remember that they made this horrible noise as they did it too. I could only watch in horror as they decided they couldn't live without their siblings..;_;

Then I half-awoke and had a night terror, which always sucks..

The only remotely good thing about it was that Niblet was there to comfort me when I woke up. :/

Current Mood: numb
Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006
2:23 pm
So this was really weird. I was at this wedding, a really elaborate one where people were doing dance numbers and stuff (kinda neat, actually) and I couldn't tell if it was a man and a woman, or a woman and a woman.

Anyway, a bunch of people were there. Kara, Caris, Izzy, but most importantly Tony Petsuch, and I'll tell you why. Remember how he always had that habit of being really loud, especially when it wasn't an approrpiate time, and then when we asked him to quiet down, he would say "no! i can be loud of i want" and get even louder?
Well at this wedding, he was starting to talk really loud, so me and Izzy told him to be quieter, and he just kept getting louder. So I asked these two big burly guys to have him forcibly removed, and he was screaming the whole way out, making a scene.
Once he got outside, we had a talk, something to calm him down, and I gave him my tin whistle that I got in Ireland, and told him to get on a plane and go some place I can't remember.

We were sitting there talking, the wedding was going on inside, and Tony shouts something to the effect of "now i'm free!" This upsets everyone inside and, like zombies, they all come outside, Caris is in front (which surprised me) and they are all stalking towards him, and I tried shouting for them to stop. Telling them he was a changed person, and Caris says he has yelled one too many times, and it was time they did something about it. So I ran back inside the church to tell mom, and she agreed with Caris, and I looked outside and everyone was pelting the lake with rocks.
Essentially, they were stoning him to death.
My grandmother (who was also there??) said she didn't like what they were doing, but didn't do anything to stop them. I curld up on the ground and started crying, and thats when I woke up.


Current Mood: distressed
Tuesday, November 21st, 2006
12:07 am
3 entries in a month?!
Sunday morning I had a dream that I was Phoenix Wright and I was defending Greed from Fullmetal Alchemist in a murder case that Envy (also a FMA character) committed as a Japanese business man. O_o

Also during it, Edgeworth (the rival prosecutor in Phoenix Wright) is trying to confess his love for me (as Phoenix), and Ariel & London were in the gallery-type-area of the court room looking at a Sailor Moon artbook.

Not sure how I still remember all of that after 2 days, or why I randomly decided to type that all out..xD

Current Mood: tired
Tuesday, November 14th, 2006
7:20 pm
natural disaster
I dreamt that a bunch of people were on top of this volcano, all of them in their cars. and all of a sudden the volcano started errupting (but just the lava came pouring out, nothing else) so everyone was like "oh shit!" and jumped into their cars.
In the dream, I was dating Star's brother (yeah, I know, eww) and so I insisted I ride in a car with him, and Star was there too, and we were like "shit, the lava!" so we were in this van, all in the backseat and someone I didn't know was driving.
And we went into this tunnel, sort of like a subway tunnel only with no subway in it. And then it, like, collapsed or something. Weird.

I don't know. Overall, a very weird dream.
9:33 am
Last night I dreamed I was getting married... I can't recall exactly to who, but I do remember thinking that I definitely didn't want to be there or marrying whoever he was... weird.

Class time now.

Current Mood: okay
Monday, October 2nd, 2006
9:26 am
babies popping out everywhere!
Two nights ago I dreamt that Kara was pregnant, and she was freaking out because she woulnd't abort the baby, but she didn't really want it either, so she didn't know what to do.

Last night, I dreamt that I was pregant, only it wasn't my baby. It was the girl in my TRW's baby, but her body couldn't physically birth children, so somehow the baby was transferred into my body. I wasn't really sure what I was doing, and in the dream Kara gave me a hug (thanks hun), Nathan laughed at me and then made love to me, and Brady was really nice and supportive and let me use his shower. Which was like this giant industrial shower, all white and chrome-y. Very scary. Very awesome.

But why do I keep dreaming about people getting pregnant? Twice in a row now. Does it have some deeper meaning?

According to London, to dream that you are pregnant, symbolizes an aspect of yourself or some aspect of your personal life that is growing and developing. You may not be ready to talk about it or act on it. This may also represent the birth of a new idea, direction, project or goal.
Sunday, September 17th, 2006
9:51 am
I dreamed last night that I had killed 4 people and was trying to hide the bodies D:D: Can I have a hug now???

Current Mood: disturbed
Friday, September 15th, 2006
8:06 am
I had a really weird dream that I went to an anime convention in Canada, and it looked suspiciously like a larger version of the merchandise building at the state fair, and you had to pay for everything in Yen. >_>

Current Mood: hungry
Friday, July 14th, 2006
11:54 pm
maybe i should stop sleeping on the couch...
Two things happened. First, there was this really cute girl who kept hitting on me, and I was thinking maybe I had a shot with her, except then Nathan came up and starting flirting with her, and I got really sad because he's a dick and was stealing my girl.
But then she kissed me, and I was like "myeah asshole! In yo face!!" To Nathan of course. Not to her. Because I liked her.

The second part, which is the truely disturbing part, consisted of Christine running around with Ikey's head, trying to scare Al Posterick. And I was sad because Ikey was dead, and Christine kept running around with his head, and I was like "jeez guys, my dog is dead, and you're being disrespectful"
but she kept poking Al with Ike's head.

Very weird.
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