intergalactic super geek (phantmgreeneyes) wrote in ourdreamscape,
intergalactic super geek

maybe i should stop sleeping on the couch...

Two things happened. First, there was this really cute girl who kept hitting on me, and I was thinking maybe I had a shot with her, except then Nathan came up and starting flirting with her, and I got really sad because he's a dick and was stealing my girl.
But then she kissed me, and I was like "myeah asshole! In yo face!!" To Nathan of course. Not to her. Because I liked her.

The second part, which is the truely disturbing part, consisted of Christine running around with Ikey's head, trying to scare Al Posterick. And I was sad because Ikey was dead, and Christine kept running around with his head, and I was like "jeez guys, my dog is dead, and you're being disrespectful"
but she kept poking Al with Ike's head.

Very weird.
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