intergalactic super geek (phantmgreeneyes) wrote in ourdreamscape,
intergalactic super geek

natural disaster

I dreamt that a bunch of people were on top of this volcano, all of them in their cars. and all of a sudden the volcano started errupting (but just the lava came pouring out, nothing else) so everyone was like "oh shit!" and jumped into their cars.
In the dream, I was dating Star's brother (yeah, I know, eww) and so I insisted I ride in a car with him, and Star was there too, and we were like "shit, the lava!" so we were in this van, all in the backseat and someone I didn't know was driving.
And we went into this tunnel, sort of like a subway tunnel only with no subway in it. And then it, like, collapsed or something. Weird.

I don't know. Overall, a very weird dream.
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