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So this was really weird. I was at this wedding, a really elaborate one where people were doing dance numbers and stuff (kinda neat, actually) and I couldn't tell if it was a man and a woman, or a woman and a woman.

Anyway, a bunch of people were there. Kara, Caris, Izzy, but most importantly Tony Petsuch, and I'll tell you why. Remember how he always had that habit of being really loud, especially when it wasn't an approrpiate time, and then when we asked him to quiet down, he would say "no! i can be loud of i want" and get even louder?
Well at this wedding, he was starting to talk really loud, so me and Izzy told him to be quieter, and he just kept getting louder. So I asked these two big burly guys to have him forcibly removed, and he was screaming the whole way out, making a scene.
Once he got outside, we had a talk, something to calm him down, and I gave him my tin whistle that I got in Ireland, and told him to get on a plane and go some place I can't remember.

We were sitting there talking, the wedding was going on inside, and Tony shouts something to the effect of "now i'm free!" This upsets everyone inside and, like zombies, they all come outside, Caris is in front (which surprised me) and they are all stalking towards him, and I tried shouting for them to stop. Telling them he was a changed person, and Caris says he has yelled one too many times, and it was time they did something about it. So I ran back inside the church to tell mom, and she agreed with Caris, and I looked outside and everyone was pelting the lake with rocks.
Essentially, they were stoning him to death.
My grandmother (who was also there??) said she didn't like what they were doing, but didn't do anything to stop them. I curld up on the ground and started crying, and thats when I woke up.

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