intergalactic super geek (phantmgreeneyes) wrote in ourdreamscape,
intergalactic super geek

harry potter and the related president

I had two weird dreams last night.
The first was Heather had somehow gotten kidnapped or scammed into running for president. No, seriously. It was almost like a cult thing, because anyone who opposed the campaign team she was forced to work for "mysteriously disappeared." So I snuck into the headquarters to say hi to Heather. It was all very strange. I don't know if she won or not, because I woke up before I could find out.

The second was about Harry Potter. Kara, Angie and I were all at the mall (yeah I know, a mall, ??) waiting for the HP movie premiere, and I was suddenly freaking out, because I had no outfit. Kara calmly picked up this cute green shirt and was like "this would look good" so I shoved my way into the bathroom, and almost kicked open a stall being used in order to try it on. Eventually, I was able to find a stall, but then I woke up before the movie started.

But in the trailer for said movie, Harry and Hermione definately made out. And there was some cute Ron/Hermione stuff too. Like I said, it was weird.
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